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Etiquette for Wedding Photographers

Etiquette for Wedding Photographers

In wedding photography, there are a set of rules and standards to be followed. These guidelines are created to make all parties aware of their limitations. By following these rules, it is assured that everyone’s effort will contribute to the success of the special union of the bride and groom. This entails proper planning, preparation and clear communication between the couple, photographer, coordinator, guests and other involved parties. These set of rules will help everyone avoid stress, panic and unnecessary issues that may arise during the wedding day.

The Wedding Venue

When it comes to dealing with the wedding venue, most churches and hotels each have a set of their own protocols and guidelines throughout the event. Some venues require photographers to have designated spots for taking photos. These locations may sometimes have restricted areas that cannot be accessed by photographers. Some chapels do not allow the photographers to stand near the altar to avoid distraction during the ceremony. It is important for couples to check the venues on their guidelines to avoid hassle and arguments on the event day. Couples need to sit down and discuss these as well to their photographers and coordinators so everyone can plan ahead and create back up plans in case this restricts them from doing their a certain task.

Pre-Wedding Photos

There are some couples that request a pre-wedding photography shoot which is done just before the ceremony. Some like it because everyone looks fresh at the beginning of a ceremony. However, majority believe that it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. For couples who wish to proceed with a pre-wedding photo session, it is important to strictly follow the allotted time for each set of shoot. Normally, a photographer allots a few minutes when taking formal shots but it takes more time to gather group photos. Whatever the situation may be, everyone should be aware that the ceremony must start on time. The couple must never wait for the photographer at the altar.

Couples must choose a photographer whom they feel most comfortable with. It is also important to hire a professional one who knows how to take the right angle, lighting and timing. Couples should be able to follow the photographer’s instructions without any hesitation. They are afterall, the experts and the story tellers during the wedding. At the same time, the photographer must to be able to capture beautiful shots without disrupting the service or the couple’s attention. These are important factors to consider in wedding photography.

Family Photos

There are also certain etiquettes to follow especially during family portraits where one of the couples may have separated parents. This situation sometimes present a challenging task for some photographers especially in some instances where the parents refuse to be photographed together. Proper planning and good attitude will help everyone be at ease. This will help avoid uncomfortable and awkward situations. It is recommended to have an assigned relative who will help out gather the entire clan during the wedding photography sessions.

In essence, it is imperative that all parties from the couple, photographer, coordinator and other parties involved in the wedding should have proper and clear communication among them. Everyone’s role is crucial to the success of the couple’s wedding. Afterall, the most important thing is to keep the bride and groom happy on their special day.…

Get More Followers to Like Your Photos

Get More Followers to Like Your Photos

Social media platform has revolutionized the industry of digital photography. With the emergence of app based photo networking sites, anyone can take awesome pictures and share it to the world. Almost 60 million photos are uploaded daily in just one site alone. Millions of users are going crazy over photography based social networking websites. It’s easy to use plus it makes your pictures look way better. This kind of platform is very much appealing to users who just love to take photos. You can create beautiful and creative shots by using different tools, filters and effects. There are so many things you can do with these kind of apps. It not only makes your photos look professional but it also sparks your imagination when capturing the perfect shot.

Mobile photography indeed has its advantages. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tricks on how you can create and improve your photos so you can proudly share it with everyone.

How to Improve Your Shots

First, you need to download a photo editing app on your mobile phone. There are many to choose from. Check out the apps with the best filters and user friendly tools. You can download different apps and try test them one by one on your phone. Find the most appropriate app that will satisfy your aesthetic requirements. Almost all these apps are available for download in Android or iOS platform.

Starting with the basics, any form of photography requires proper planning. Look for an interesting subject or anything that will spark curiosity from your followers. Don’t just take random shots without thinking of what kind of effect you want to achieve. However, there are moments when accidents happen. The good kind at least. Sometimes you stumble on a random shot that you find interesting but for the most part, it is better to have a vision or concept.

Once you have a particular idea in mind, take lots of pictures. Sometimes that one perfect shot comes from a dozen other more takes. Try different angles, positions and rearrange your composition. Experiment with your shots. Now is the time to be trigger happy.

Take photos using your default camera instead of the app based camera. It gives you more control and function versus the app based tool. Plus, it’s easier to access and gives you more options in terms of brightness, exposure and focus. It’s easier to adjust settings using your default camera.

If you are shooting a subject, it’s always recommended to position your smartphone horizontally. It gives you more space when taking photos. You can just crop it later on as you see fit.

When it comes to lighting, mobile phones perform better under well lighted conditions. The backlight of a smartphone is not capable of capturing some elements in low light. Night shots are going to be quite tricky for some.

Once you’ve chosen a particular shot, the next step is to edit it using the photo editing app downloaded in your phone. Most users take advantage of the editing tools such as the cropping, brightness, exposure, saturation and contrast.

Now that you are ready to post your picture, don’t forget to create a nice and interesting caption to go with it. Adding some creative and personalized hashtags will give your photo more edge.

The best part of sharing your photo with everyone is the fact that you are having fun doing it. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and followers. Just don’t forget to apply the basic photography steps and you’ll see the effect on your posts.…